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The mother of all WWI websites : absolute top quality, as well for its contents as for the presentation.

"The WWI document Archive" : lots of links, primary documents and general info about WW I

Bryn Dolan's work of 12 years : "ANZACs : Officers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Killed at Gallipoli. "

"Pictures of health : Gallipoli. A site that focuses on medical topics, but gives a lot of general information.

               A site by Bali Fergusson about the Australian army in WWI and WWII.

 A site by Sinan Sezer about Gully Ravine / Zigindere, the 1/5th Norfolks and the AE2   in English  AND Turkish.


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A large site by Steve Conway about Australia at war, not limited to WWI alone.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Australian Light Horse units.


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Ian MacFarlane's Gallipoli pages with maps, pics and a special page about the Nek, belonging to the Defending Victoria initiative.

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